2021 Annual Appeal Letter

Dear Friends,

As obstacles and challenges continue to arise, I hope that you and your family are in good health and good spirits as we all continue to navigate the long and difficult road of COVID-19. Over the last year, Andover Choral Society has worked to bring people together through music. We want to continue these efforts over the next year but, once again, we need your financial support. Will you help us do this? Your donations will help us to continue to share music with communities in the Merrimack Valley.

During the pandemic, our focus has been on community outreach. We have sent our concert recordings in our weekly “A Moment of Music” emails, aired our concerts on local cable television stations and our YouTube channel, and sent DVD sets of several concerts to 16 assisted living facilities. With our two virtual concerts last year, we found ways to make new connections. We collaborated with 11 other performing arts organizations across the Merrimack Valley on our spring concert, Voices Diverse and Beautiful – Music of the Merrimack Valley. Their talent and beautiful performances are remarkable and uplifting.

We have begun the 2021-2022 season with exciting plans to continue our community outreach. Forty singers are getting ready to return for our winter concert rehearsals. The winter concert, “Emerge. Together., will feature three works: Antonio Vivaldi’s brilliant and beloved “Gloria; Hiob” (Job), a melodious and masterfully crafted cantata by Fanny Mendelssohn, the talented sister of composer Felix Mendelssohn; and the world premiere of a new choral work commissioned by Andover Choral Society, “becoming”, by local composer Demetrius Spaneas. “becoming” explores the spiritual evolution of humankind as well as our relationship with our world and all of creation.

Our spring concert, “In Our Own Words”, will be a new type of event for us with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion presented through music and the performing arts. The event will be a collaboration of Merrimack Valley artists, arts groups, and community organizations coming together in one forum to offer artistic interpretations of our world from many perspectives. There will be a range of artistic expression, including vocal and instrumental music, dance, painting, poetry, and other forms of the written word.

Music brings us together in unique and wonderful ways.  As we work together to get through this pandemic, Andover Choral Society will continue to provide you with our music, and work to strengthen our connections in the Merrimack Valley. You have helped us in the past by making a financial contribution and attending our concerts. We thank you so much for your past support.

I know that you receive many requests for donations, but I hope that you will include Andover Choral Society in your annual giving. A contribution of any amount is welcomed and will greatly help us accomplish our mission of musical outreach. You may use the donation form at the bottom of this letter with the enclosed self-addressed envelope, or you can donate online at https://andoverchoralsociety.org/support. All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

On behalf of Andover Choral Society, thank you for your support.

Tom Connolly
President, Andover Choral Society

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